Carpet and Rugs for Clubs, Pubs, Hotels and Aged Care

Stylex specialize in the design, planning and production of specialty flooring for Australian Hospitality and Aged Care projects, including carpets and rugs for clubs, pubs and hotels.

Carpet Design and Planning Service

Stylex  design, estimate, plan and deliver your commercial project flooring needs. Stylex create alternative design  concepts and  provide electronic and physical design samples tailored to your project specific specifications. A comprehensive estimating and installation plan is provided on  projects for your installation teams.

Wool and Nylon Carpet for Hospitality and Aged Care

Stylex provide both Wool and Nylon Axminster carpets for Hospitality applications and specialty impervious backed Solution Dyed Nylon Aged Care Carpet developed to provide commercial hotel living in a residential  environment.

Aquastep waterproof Wood Flooring

Stylex import and nationally distribute Aquastep waterproof flooring. Aquastep is  available through retail stores across Australia.

Simply email  details of your tender requirements, including marked plans, and Stylex will estimate, plan and create design proposals for your tendering process.

Latest Tribal Rug Collections

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